Blog 1 – Organíation and Behaviour

First Blog

Hello everyone..!

Welcome to my blog. In this blog you will be able to find different types of organisational structures and cultures. Furthermore I will talk about two organisations structure and also about their culture.

Organisational structure defines how the rules, power responsibilities are assigned, organised, and synchronized, and how information flows among the different levels of management.

Types of structures:

  • Tall Structure:

This is a very complex structure because it has many levels of hierarchy and span of control is also very limited in these types of organisations.

  • Flat Structure:

This type of structure has very few layers and has large span of control so staff can convey their messages easily.

  • Matrix Structure:

In this structure individuals can work in team or in project. This team can be momentary or everlasting just hang on task they are requested to complete. It is used for large project.

Organisational Culture:

It can be define as Behaviour of people within the organisation.

Types of Culture:

Charles handy has classified culture into different types.

  • Power Culture:

In this type of culture few people has lots of authority because of that decision made quickly. This culture is suit on small business.

  • Role Culture:

In this culture power comes from person position.

  • Task Culture:

In this culture groups just formed to solve problems/tasks furthermore motivation level is very high in this culture.

  • Personal culture:

Individuals have freedom to express themselves in this culture because there’s no teamwork in it.


Sports Direct (Romford)


  • History:

Sports Direct International PLC is a British retailing group. Established in 1982 by Mike Ashley, in 1996 they rebranded’ sports soccer and picked up Donnay. After year by year they acquired almost all famous brands and now The Company is the UK’s leading sporting retailer, and runs over 500 stores worldwide.

  • Structure:2

Sports direct Romford branch has a tall structure. In these types of structures chain of command move’s from top to bottom and decision takes long time because staff cannot communicate straight to the manager, for instance if staff have any problem they have to speak with supervisor than supervisor has to convey that message to floor manager and floor manager can communicate with the manager. This structure has narrow span of control and there are more chances of promotions.

  • Culture:


Sports direct has implemented personal culture because everyone can express themselves for instance if a person is working on floor and if cashier is busy then he can go for to help him.

2nd Organisation:

Gold Gym (Dagenham)

4 5



The first Gold Gym opened in 1965 in California. Today, Gold’s Gym entitlements to be the leading chain of mixed gender gyms in the world, with added 400 places. It is providing more than 700 facilities today.




Gold’s Gym Dagenham branch has a very simple structure which is known as flat structure. It has few levels of hierarchy, short ranks of communication and also wide span of control which means any member of staff can easily communicate with manager so in flat structure decisions can be made quickly but the negative impact of this structure is there’s no chances of promotion so due to this staff can be demotivate. This sort of Culture usually use by small businesses.



Gold’s Gym has adopted the role culture. In this culture everyone is just responsible for their own role for example personal trainer just has to train the gym members he can’t do cleaning and cleaners cannot provide training.



There’s huge difference between these two organisation structures one has flat whereas other has tall. The key difference is flat structure has more layers whereas flat structure has less. Flat structure is more flexible then the tall one. The process of information transmission of Gold Gym is better than Sport Direct, because they have cut down the middle positions, so the interaction between senior and junior staff is also better and more effective.

Basically, the role culture and personal culture are not subject to the strict management, and also not depend too much on top manager. Decisions are made quickly and easily. The individual decisions are also supported. If an individual leaves the organization, this will not affect too much and the organisation is still able to operate as usual. However, in Sport Direct with Personal culture, individuals are not pressed within framework and forced to keep the fixed role as the Role culture (in Gold Gym). They can change their position as long as it is suitable if their abilities. This enhances the strengths and creativation for organisation, so the flexibility in human resources is better.

Impact on the organisation performance


The comparison between the two types of structure and cultures partly reflects the impact they have on the performance of business. Sport Direct with narrow span of layers will all allow the expansion become easier, facilitate for promotion. The supervisor does not feel burden having to manage too many of the subunits. In addition, the property of the company is constantly innovating products. So that, to the application of cultural person will create more opportunities for the company’s employees to have a chance to promote their creativity, while also bring certain benefit for the organization.


When talking about Gold Gym, on the scale of the gym, their interactions with customers is very regular. Therefore, “Flat Structure” will help senior managers access to the feedback and needs of the client easier to be able to make best plans to satisfy them. Each of Gold Gym employees is assigned tasks so manager will evaluate the effectiveness of each activity based on functional groups. This helps the organisation operate more effective.





One thought on “Blog 1 – Organíation and Behaviour

  1. Your first blog is fine, however beware of direct copying from sources. All work must be put into your own words and referenced to avoid Plagiarism. This must be developed in the next blogs to maintain a pass grade. Both structures and cultures have been discussed but could be expanded more by adding your references as evidence of further research. The relationship between culture and structures could be explored in more detail. Interesting and good images have been used to make it more interesting.
    DO NOT COPY and PASTE in any future work.


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