Leadership styles & motivational theories

Leadership styles & Motivation

Any organisation structure depends on their style of leadership. Leadership is generally defined as making a clear vision and communicating that vision with others.

Impact of leadership style on Motivational Techniques:

Leadership styles or types can have proper impact on employees’ motivation. On the other hand it is even harder to decide which leadership style is good because there are various leadership styles to choose from.

For instance based upon blog 2 I’ve chooses transformational leadership style for Sports direct and that style is based on reward and punishment for example in this leadership style employer sets a task if employee fulfil that task then employee will get a reward and if employee failed then will get punish for that but on the same time employer also motivating them as well. This leadership style is good for motivating employee because for the sake of getting reward they will give their best. This leadership style has extrinsic motivational factor because in this style of leadership employer motive employees through reward.

Extrinsic Motivation:



It can be define as when someone motivates by external factors or motivation that comes from any individual it can be through reward or encouragement by someone.





Intrinsic Motivation:



Personal gratification derived through self-initiated accomplishment is known as intrinsic motivation.

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs



It is theory in physiology which has been introduced by Abraham Maslow. He believes that people does not get motivates through rewards they get motivate after fulfilling 5 hierarchy of needs.

That hierarchy of needs model can be divided into basic needs.

  1. Physiological needs
  2. Safety
  3. Love
  4. Esteem needs
  5. Self-acquisition

Maslow believes that people can’t live without these needs.

Physiological needs are the mental requirement for human life if this requirement does not full then human body can’t work efficiently. He said that this need is the most important for every human.

Physiological needs include air, shelter, water and clothing.

Safety needs are also important for everyone because everyone wants to saves their selves from threats.

Safety needs includes personal security, financial security (because in the time of job crises it’s hard to find job so if people don’t have jobs they would not have money) and health as well,

Love:  After physiological and safety needs third stage of need is Love or belongings. This need is more needed for children. This need can affect emotions or feelings of someone. Love/emotions for friends and family or love for any personal thing is a part of needs of love.

Esteem Needs: after successfully completing 3 needs human mind goes to esteem needs self-respect is a part of this need and also people want freedom and they want to be famous as well.

Self-Acquisition: this need refer to luxury. It can be a part of self-satisfaction for example some people wants to be an ideal parents some wants to be good painter or sports man.

Herzberg Two factors Theory



According to Herzberg intrinsic and extrinsic motivation cannot motivate people. He believed that there are two factors which motivate employees.

  1. Motivators
  2. Hygiene factors

Motivator factors are necessary for employees manger needs to give them complex tasks so after fulfilling those task they will feel that they achieve something also give them authority to take part in decision making it make them think that they are a part of organisation. It gives them positive satisfaction and makes their work more interesting for them.

Hygiene Factors:

This factor includes job security, salary, bonuses, benefits, paid insurance and vacations. It leads to higher level of motivation. Herzberg believed that if you take these factors away people will get dissatisfied and they want them get back.

Sports Direct is using different motivational theories including Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs although company is using Transactional leadership style but they think that their staffs is very important for them. Company arrange some events for their staff to encourage and motivate them. Sports direct is also giving non-financial benefits to its employees such as training, arranging family tour for senior employees. Whereas Gold gym in some point is using Herzberg duel factors theory company leadership style is Laissez-fair so company don’t actually care what employees are doing until or unless they are doing their job. Company do not actually motivate employees as much as they should. Gold gym needs to adopt different motivational theories in order to motivate its employees and make their work interesting for them by giving them some tasks which would help them to show their involvement in task and also company needs to allow employees to take part in decision making. In this way employee will show their more involvement in tasks.

V-room Expectancy Theory




This theory proposes that although persons might be having changed sets of goals, but they can be inspired if they trust that:

  • There is a positive association between performance and efforts.
  • Favorable act would result in a required reward.
  • The reward will gratify an important need,
  • Desire to satisfy the need is strong enough to make the effort valuable

This theory also have 3 different believes.



      It leads to expressive orientations of employee hold in order to get reward. The desperation of employee for extrinsic reward for example money, promotion, benefits. And also Intrinsic reward such as inner satisfaction.


           It is related with efforts and rewards. And usually it is based on personal confidence and past experience.


           It is based on perception of employees that whether they will get the promised reward or not. Manager needs to make sure that give promised reward to employee and let them know as well.

Theory which is sports direct is using that is good for them because they are motivating their employees through non-financial factors as well on the other hand Gold gym needs to follow some motivational theory. For Gold gym V-room theory is good as well because this theory also would help them in their leadership style by setting some tasks for their employees Gold gym give them job satisfaction as well which will force them to stay with that company for long time.


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